Dentist Near New Prague MN - We're Minutes Down the Road

Lakeville Modern Dentistry - Just Down the Road from New Prague

We have the most modern procedures and comforts, with a down-to-earth team that treats you as part of the family - not just another number.

Dentist Near New Prague MN - We're Minutes Down the Road

Never Feel Rushed or Pressured Again

Get the Comforts of Top Tier Technology & a Friendly Team that's Down-to-Earth

Too many dentist offices leave their customers spinning as they push them through & sell them an expensive procedure. Here at Lakeville Modern Dentistry, we've built an amazing team of down-to-earth people that know how to make you feel great, with the most modern technology and comforts available in dentistry.

Dentist Near New Prague MN - We're Minutes Down the Road

Committed to Your Comfort

We Take the Time for Excellence

Instead of rushing people through the fast way, we efficiently work to ensure each procedure is done at your pace to deliver comfort & care.

Dentist Near New Prague MN - We're Minutes Down the Road

Careful & Accurate Diagnosis & Procedures

Get Efficient Service that's Never in a Rush

When you choose Lakeville Modern Dentistry, you'll receive a careful, high-accuracy diagnosis from a team that really listens and takes the time to carefully perform every procedure to the highest standard of excellence.

Dentist Near New Prague MN - We're Minutes Down the Road

We Fix Struggling Mouths

A Reputation of Excellence in both Simple & Complex Procedures.

We'll help you create a smile that you love & rely on for the rest of your life.

Dentist Near New Prague MN - We're Minutes Down the Road

We Accept Most Insurance & Provide Great Value for the Uninsured

Membership Pricing for Uninsured

We're flexible and easy to work with because we accept most insurance plans, and we have a fantastic, affordable & easy-to-use membership option for people without insurance.

Dentist Near New Prague MN - We're Minutes Down the Road

Renew Your Smile with Dental Implants

Dental Implants Near New Prague MN

Never again feel the need to hide your smile, with dental implants here at Lakeville Modern Dentistry.

If you're searching for a New Prague Dental Implant Specialist, then we'd be honored to start things off easy.

  • We start with a free conversation or exam with evaluation
  • We'll share your options & provide insight
  • Our team will help transform your smile
  • You can regain confidence & stop hiding your smile

There's so much to gain, and our up-to-date technological solutions for dental implants means you'll be able to get dentures or implants that you'll love for a lifetime.

Our down-to-earth team will provide judgement-free help and guidance, because transforming smiles is what we're passionate about.

Dental Implants New Prague Minnesota

If you're searching for a great Dental Implant Dentist Near New Prague, we've got you covered and we're confident you'll love not only your new smile, but our down-to-earth team that's focused on serving you.

The Benefits of Implants:

  • No need to remove for cleaning
  • Look like natural teeth
  • No adhesive required
  • Can last a lifetime

Dentist Near New Prague MN - We're Minutes Down the Road

Emergency Dentist Near New Prague MN

Need Emergency Dentist Near New Prague?

Call Lakeville Modern Dentistry for Emergency Dental Service

Call 952-388-1778

If you're searching for a dentist near New Prague Minnesota that provides emergency dentistry to help with emergency tooth pain, cracked teeth or a dental emergency, then you're in the right place.

New Prague MN Emergency Dentist - Lakeville Modern Dentistry

If you're experiencing mouth pain from a cavity, a broken tooth or a lost filling, relief is close by.

Contact Us for Emergency Care

Our team lives and practices near our office, and we're able to find ways to bring the relief you need. Just give us a call.

Who's the Best Emergency Dentist in New Prague MN?

We seek to be the most down-to-earth and up-to-date dentist in New Prague Minnesota, so that when you're looking for the best dentist in New Prague, we're confident you'll love that you chose us.

We're on a mission to deliver the most up-to-date procedures with modern technology, while being down-to-earth in how we serve our patients. We want to be a different kind of New Prague Dentist, one that's not pushy or too focused on profits and productivity.

We're never rushed, we move at your pace, and efficiently engage with you to answer your questions and provide accurate, precise diagnosis & procedures.

So if you're searching for an emergency dentist near New Prague MN, please reach out and we'll work to stop the pain and help you achieve the most comfortable & long-lasting dental outcome possible.

Lakeville Modern Dentistry

Smiles with
Unparalleled Care

Experience the difference with our exceptional care, where your smile receives unparalleled attention, ensuring long-lasting health and beauty.


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